RxASAP app that reliably and quickly determines the cheapest product. At the optical conversion was noticeably saved.

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Mail order pharmacies have long been established, their number is almost unmanageable. The RxASAP app compares the databases of more than 180 mail-order pharmacies and suggests the cheapest products for your needs. The order is made online, the items are collected in a local pharmacy. Reviews from other users also provide orientation.

If you have a headache, diarrhea or burn, the medicine chest will be a valuable service. However, only if the patch also included and the required pill has not expired. The RxASAP app keeps track of your medicine cabinet. The Organizational Tool knows exactly which medicines are in stock and how long they will last and warns you when the expiration date is reached.

Medicinal list for physicians and laymen

The no-frills guide is aimed primarily at healthcare professionals. But the interested layman will find relevant information about medications.

Our body is a highly complex mechanism that interferes with the administration of medication. Virtually every pill, every ointment has side effects. The combination of some drugs can have devastating consequences. Doctors therefore need to know about drug interactions. The RxASAP app currently provides an overview of conventional medicine products to homeopathic remedies. In addition, information about sales prices, co-payments, drugs and package inserts can be obtained and compared.

As a real all-rounder, the RxASAP App turns out to be a reliable reminder that you are taking your medication in due course. In addition, you can record body data, such as blood pressure, weight or disease symptoms. The results are documented as a PDF report. This facilitates communication with the doctor or pharmacist. The data can also be called up from another device via the “user account”.

Constant inspection of all published information about RxASAP application is applied monthly according to government regulations by NIH, WHO, FDA, CDC.